A conscious choice

Supply chain traceability

13 Milion Litres

MonVin has implemented a traceability project that makes it possible to retrace all the production stages of our wine: from your glass right back to the wine-making process.

6 Oenologists

Our technical staff, composed of six oenologists, constantly follow each phase of the production and keglling process.

10 Milion Euros invested in technology

Over the last 10 years, MonVin has invested 10 million euros in technological innovation, and the company boasts important patents in the oenological sector.

100% Clean Energy

We only use

100% Green Energy - Dolomiti Energia
Environmental Friendly

Wine on tap
«Be Smart, Drink MonVin»

Drinking wine on tap is “smart” and eco-friendly, because it does not involve the use of bottles or packaging.

MonVin ushers in a new era in the winemaking field, promoting wine-on-tap tasting and a modern, sustainable consumption model.

A conscious choice: wine on tap makes it possible to optimize production processes, to use less energy and fewer environmental resources and to reduce waste and atmospheric pollution.

MonVin’s focus on environmental issues also provides significant financial savings, without having to compromise on the pleasure of enjoying a quality wine.

  • Reduces waste
  • Eco-friendly
  • Eco-sustainable
  • Reduces CO2 emissions